We envision a world in which organizations create transformative, sustainable change by connecting with their communities to tackle global problems.  

Throughout the year, our consultants work directly with NGOs, both on-site and off-site. Using our learned business acumen, we identify their capacity needs and develop projects with intended goals and outcomes. Both our on-site and off-site projects are completed throughout the year by internal PIIC members, selected from a rigorous school-wide application pool. After all project completion, we undergo extensive evaluation to measure the effectiveness of our projects and to determine how we can better scale our impact moving forward. 

In addition to our hands-on consulting work, we aim to raise student awareness about the importance of international development and pursuing socially conscious careers. To this end, we hold speaker events on social impact themes, conduct site visits to consulting firms and philanthropic organizations, and host social and educational events in collaboration with other on-campus organizations.

We strive to:

  • Utilize financial, management, and marketing skills and resources to identify and provide business solutions for global NGOs and other not-for-profits on short-term consulting projects.

  • Provide undergraduates with non-traditional applications for business knowledge in the global context and exposure to international culture and impact.

  • Educate the Penn community and promote awareness of international economic development through speaker events and site visits

Our Executive Board


David Zhou, Vice President

David is a senior from San Francisco, California studying Economics in the College and minoring in Engineering Entrepreneurship. His freshman year, he worked with the Kalambi Community Outreach Project (KACOP) and later Awamaki, an NGO based in Peru focused on economic empowerment of Andean women. He then led an engagement with mothers2mothers, an NGO in South Africa focused on mother-to-infant HIV transmission prevention. Last year, he served as the Senior Consultant Chair. Outside of PIIC, he plays for the Men’s Water Polo Team, volunteers with We Can Swim!, and is a member of SPEC. When he’s not camped out in the library or Economics building, he enjoys baking cakes (despite the fact that he’s yet to even remotely grasp the concept of boiling pasta), Formula 1 racing, photography, keeping up with trends in Machine Learning in Medicine (MLm) and applications with respect to promoting access in developing regions, consuming/inhaling ice cream, following the news on space launch systems, and oat milk. Following graduation, he is determined to fulfill his childhood dream of adopting and raising a dog.


Brandon Nguyen, President

Brandon is a junior from Toronto, Canada studying Political Science in the College and Business Analytics and Environmental Policy in Wharton. This past year, Brandon was the Operations Chair and worked with ONETrack International in the Gambia. Through PIIC, he has also worked with the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society. He is also involved with the Student Advisory Group for the Environment, Penn Appetit and the Turner Social Impact Society, and works as a Research Assistant in the Management Department, a Student Eco-Rep for Penn Sustainability and a Program Manager for Greenlearning, an environmental NGO. In his spare time, he loves baking French macarons, drinking bubble tea, and wasting time on Google Flights and Airbnb.


Jennifer Gomez, Associate Consultant Chair

Jennifer is a sophomore from Brooklyn, New York studying Finance and Operations Management with a minor in Fine Arts. Last year, Jenn traveled to Arequipa, Perú with her PIIC team to work with Helping Overcome Obstacles Peru (HOOP), an NGO focused on breaking cycles of poverty through education. During the school year, she works as a strategy and content development intern for Student Organ Donation Advocates (SODA), a City Step dance teacher, and member of the Wharton Undergraduate Social Impact Board. In her free time, Jenn practices charcoal drawing, photography, exploring street art, and watching Food Network Chopped competitions.


Dan Smith, Senior Consultant Chair

Dan is a junior from Horsham, Pennsylvania studying Finance and Business Analytics in Wharton with a minor in Psychology. Last year, Dan led the Costa Rican team in their engagement with Asociacion CREAR, an education focused NGO in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. His freshman year, Dan worked with mothers2mothers, an NGO based in Cape Town, South Africa that employs HIV+ women as health care workers to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Outside of PIIC, Dan is on the Sprint Football team at Penn. In his free time, Dan enjoys watching classic movies, playing pick-up basketball, and watching Philly sports.


Shreyoshi Das, Finance Chair

Shreyoshi is sophomore from a suburb of Dallas, Texas studying Management and Decision Processes in Wharton. This past summer, Shreyoshi traveled to Costa Rica with her PIIC team to work with Asociación CREAR, an NGO focused on empowering local youth in Playa Sámara through education and other community based initiatives. Outside of PIIC, she is treasurer of the Penn Debate Society and is involved with Social Impact Consulting. In her free time, Shreyoshi enjoys hiking, reading, and watching way too many Bon Appétit videos on YouTube. 


Ella Schuster, Operations Chair

Ella is a sophomore from Ann Arbor, Michigan studying Finance and Social Impact in Wharton. Last year, Ella worked with the founders of Waves For Change in South Africa on the development of an in-field data tracking and peer-to-peer payment app for NGOs. On campus, Ella is also involved with the Wharton Undergraduate Finance Club, Wharton Women, and Alpha Phi. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring Philadelphia’s restaurants, renewable energy, music, and volleyball.