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We marry social impact
with consulting.

PIIC (pronounced "peak")

is a student consulting organization at the University of Pennsylvania.
We partner with NGOs in developing countries to create global impact.

We were formerly recognized as Penn International Business Volunteers (PIBV).

We have been awarded Best Small Club in 2016-2017, Most Collaborative Event in 2017-2018, and Best Small Club in 2018-2019.


We focus on the big picture.


Penn International Impact Consulting provides pro-bono consulting services to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) across the globe. By applying our learned business acumen, we partner with NGOs to create sustainable social impact via on-site and off-site consulting engagements. In our history, we have collaborated with over 50 NGO’s to develop peace initiatives, build community infrastructure, and empower abandoned women and children.

We believe in scalable, measurable results. As such, our mission is to

Identify and build relationships with high potential NGOs in developing countries, move them towards sustainability, and enhance global long-term social impact.