Since 2005, PIIC has partnered with over 50 NGOs across the globe to tackle global problems in their local communities.

After participating in a Wharton International Volunteers Program (WIVP) consulting trip to Cameroon in summer 2004, Valerie Tsai (W ’06) founded Penn International Business Volunteers (PIBV - now PIIC) as an undergraduate counterpart to the MBA organization. Tsai felt that undergraduate students could personally benefit from working with NGOs in developing countries and also positively impact their clients as well. The next summer, a team of twelve students traveled to Guatemala City for PIIC's first official project with Safe Passage, an NGO that provides educational services to underprivileged children. 

Since then, PIIC has grown to include over 30 members and over 50 NGO partnerships. We have worked to complete over 80 unique projects (60 on-site and 20 off-site) in 40 different countries, ranging broadly from conducting market research and competitive analysis to developing growth plans and marketing initiatives. The list below contains a sample of our recent projects from across our fields of expertise.



Ya'axche Conservation Trust | 2016
Constructed an updated pricing model and marketing plan for Ya'axche's ecotourism division, conducted agroforestry crop and market research, assessed and developed conservation education strategy

Costa Rica

Reserva Playa Tortuga | 2013
Constructed a financial model, conducted market analysis, and developed a sales and marketing strategy for RPT's PASE project


Fundación SNP | 2013, 2014, and 2015
Evaluated local cultural tourism market and created a tourism development strategy with a corresponding marketing implementation plan

Global Alliance for Animals and People | 2015
Improved on GAAP's existing brand equity, analyzed GAAP's existing donor data, explored/recommended potential future partnerships, and crafted fundraising plan to acquire more donors


HOOP Peru | 2016
Reviewed and updated HOOP's financial plans and website, reached out to potential corporate sponsors, and analyzed HOOP's social report data

SKIP Peru | 2013
Conducted primary market research and constructed a three-fold fundraising strategy and implementation plan for SKIP, including potential domestic, international, and universal campaigns

Europe/Middle East/ Africa

Sierra Leone

ACIPP West Africa | 2014
Analyzed core competencies, challenges, and crucial needs of Sierra Leone's nonprofit sector and provided recommendations for ACIPP's pricing and communication strategies

South Africa

Diepsloot Youth Projects | 2014
Developed new fundraising and branding strategies, and restructured Diepsloot's budgets and management strategy to cut costs and increase emloyee satisfaction


Generations for Peace | 2014, 2015, and 2016
Developed outreach and revenue generation implementation plans and analyzed global conflicts to propose strategies for promoting peace


Hisar Anatolia | 2013
Created a two-fold revenue generation plan targeting both donors and buyers of Kilims and created e-commerce platform


Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship | 2015 and 2016
Analyzed MCISE's Dare Inc program to develop recommendations for selecting and training future classes and integrating them into the MCISE culture


Freshwater Malawi | 2013
Analyzed the bottled water industry and local market and crafted business, marketing, and financial plans for the established of a bottled water enterprise



Nur-Avicenum | 2013
Constructed updated financial models, developed an accounting training program, crafted an investor portfolio, and contacted potential resource donors

Sri Lanka

Tea Leaf Trust | 2014
Designed wedding hall project (marketing and financial breakdown) and created a monthly implementation plan for the newsletter


Teach for the Philippines | 2014 and 2015
Compiled and analyzed feedback from students, parents, teachers, and principals on TFP Fellows and Program Training Managers

The fruit of your labours are clear deliverables that in three weeks have, I believe, helped to accelerate GFP’s work forward by perhaps six months!
— Mark Clark, CEO of Generations for Peace

We are always open to new partnerships with unique NGOs. If your organization is searching for consultants/assistance with projects of similar scope to those above, please reach out to us.