We envision a world in which organizations create transformative, sustainable change by connecting with their communities to tackle global problems.  

Throughout the year, our consultants work directly with NGOs, both on-site and off-site. Using our learned business acumen, we identify their capacity needs and develop projects with intended goals and outcomes. Both our on-site and off-site projects are completed throughout the year by internal PIIC members, selected from a rigorous school-wide application pool. After all project completion, we undergo extensive evaluation to measure the effectiveness of our projects and to determine how we can better scale our impact moving forward. 

In addition to our hands-on consulting work, we aim to raise student awareness about the importance of international development and pursuing socially conscious careers. To this end, we hold speaker events on social impact themes, conduct site visits to consulting firms and philanthropic organizations, and host social and educational events in collaboration with other on-campus organizations.

We strive to:

  • Utilize financial, management, and marketing skills and resources to identify and provide business solutions for global NGOs and other not-for-profits on short-term consulting projects.
  • Provide undergraduates with non-traditional applications for business knowledge in the global context and exposure to international culture and impact.
  • Educate the Penn community and promote awareness of international economic development through speaker events and site visits

Our Executive Board


Brandon Chin, Vice President

Hailing from the Philadelphia area, Brandon is a senior studying Marketing and Operations Management in Wharton. He first became interested in social impact during high school when he had the opportunity to volunteer in various inner-city organizations working in disadvantaged communities in Philadelphia. Brandon has been a member of PIIC since he was a freshman and served as the former PIIC Marketing Committee as Chair from 2015 to 2016. Outside of classes, Brandon enjoys taking naps, drinking tea, taking photos, long and deep conversations, and serenading beautiful people with his guitar. 

Angela Chen,

Angela is a senior from Toronto, Canada studying Management in Wharton and International Studies in the College as a part of the Huntsman Dual-Degree Program. She first realized her passion for social impact in high school while participating in a Gates Foundation Challenge. Since freshman year, Angela has assessed the impact of past PIIC consulting projects and led projects to a variety of NGOs. Outside of PIIC, Angela is involved in the International Affairs Association and active in her sorority. In her spare time, Angela enjoys traveling, making new friends, and exploring the city. 


Kashish Gupta, Senior Consultant Co-Chair

Kashish is a junior from Atlanta, GA studying Statistics, Finance, and Entrepreneurship in Wharton with a minor in Computer science. He has been with PIIC ever since he started college, working to strategize PIIC’s external image and plan schooolwide events. He is active on campus in organizations like Penn Social Entrepreneurship Movement and Weiss Tech House, and is part of the overall startup and tech community. He enjoys coffee, photography, rap/hip hop, discussions about philosophy or psychology, racket sports, and hiking. 


Dafni Papapolyzou, Senior Consultant Co-Chair

Dafni is a junior from Athens, Greece and is part of the LSM dual degree program at Penn. She is majoring in biology in the College of Arts and Sciences and concentrating in Marketing and Operations Management at the Wharton School of Business. Dafni has helped scope and organize trips, consulted off-site with NGOs, went on a trip to Cambodia, led a trip to Peru, and helped reform and restructure the club. Dafni is also the co-captain of the Penn equestrian team, president of the Pennhellenic club, and part of ΑΦ. In her non-existent free time she enjoys travelling, chilling at the beach, and any activity that involves horses. 

Nicholas Lee, Sponsorship Chair

Nick is a sophomore from Honolulu, Hawaii studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) in the School of Arts and Science. Upon coming to Penn, he discovered PIIC and fell in love with its community of people who were as passionate about humanitarian issues, global development, and world travel as he was. In his first year of involvement with PIIC, Nick has assisted with post-trip NGO relations as member of the Impact Assessment team, conducted an audit of the club’s organizational structure, and been elected Treasurer for the 2016-2017 board. In his spare time, Nick often eats out with friends and enjoys the best cuisine Philadelphia has to offer.

Elena Zhou, Associate Consultant Chair

Elena is a sophomore from the historic river city of Richmond, Virginia. At school, she’s hoping to concentrate in Finance and Operations with a minor in Math. Since joining PIIC, Elena has served internal roles in writing the club’s white papers, staying in contact with past clients, and reforming PIIC’s structure. This past summer, Elena went to Morocco with a PIIC team to consult for MCISE, an experience that allowed her to practice French, work in a startup environment, and tell tales of her camel-riding adventures. Outside of PIIC, Elena is in Wharton Council and IAA, but on a daily basis, you’ll find her sipping her favorite black tea or iced tea equivalent in any of Philly’s cute cafes. 

Kristin Li, Operations

Kristin is a sophomore from Baltimore, MD studying Finance and Marketing in Wharton with a minor in Computer Science. As a freshman, Kristin consulted NGOs off-site, organized several internal and external events, assisted in the continuous development of the PIIC brand, and consulted the Ya’xche Conservation Trust in Belize as a member of the Marketing Committee. Outside of PIIC, Kristin is involved with Penn Microfinance and with Wharton Cohorts as one of the Freshman Directors for Cohort Rupee. On a day-to-day basis, she enjoys finding new places to eat, drinking unreasonable amounts of coffee, and attempting to sing/dance.